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OH MY GOD, FINALLY~ my first post here that isn't a repost at descythed! :3

teaser;; teaser;; teaser;;

This batch contains:

[52] Kuroshitsuji
☆ミ 14 Ciel Phantomhive
☆ミ 13 Dorocell Cains
☆ミ 14 Grell Sutcliffe
☆ミ 02 Sebastian Michaelis
☆ミ 03 Prince Soma
☆ミ 04 Viscount Druitt
☆ミ 01 Meirin

[25] Code Geass
☆ミ 02 Cornelia/Guilford
☆ミ 02 Cornelia Li Britannia
☆ミ 01 Cornelia/Euphie
☆ミ 01 Euphemia Li Britannia
☆ミ 06 Lelouch Lamperouge
☆ミ 01 Lelouch/Euphie
☆ミ 02 Lelouch/Suzaku
☆ミ 01 Marianne Vi Britannia
☆ミ 02 Cecile Croomy
☆ミ 02 C.C.
☆ミ 02 Lloyd Asplund
☆ミ 01 Milly Ashford
☆ミ 01 Nina Einstein
☆ミ 03 Suzaku Kururugi

[11] Vampire Knight

☆ミ 01 Kuran Kaname
☆ミ 03 Kuran Yuuki
☆ミ 01 Zero Kiryuu
☆ミ 02 Zero/Kaname
☆ミ 01 Senri Shiki

[03] Friends Only Banners (Code Geass)

☆ミ 01 Cornelia/Euphemia
☆ミ 01 Anya Alstreim
☆ミ 01 Suzaku Kururugi

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21 March 2009 @ 11:25 am
This is my second icon post, I hope you like. :D
So I was abusing very high hue/sat, just like Aile told me to do so since my icons for her were too... 'dark'. I finally hauled my ass into uploading this, so yeah,

This batch contains:

teaser <3 teaser <3 teaser <3 teaser <3 teaser <3

[42] Code Geass
[39] Galaxy Angel (a hell lot of Mifuelle)
[27] Ouran High School Host Club
[22] Paramore
[22] Harry Potter [Hermione and Ron centric]

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21 March 2009 @ 11:14 am


This icon post contains:

[16] Paramore (Hayley Centric)
[37] Code Geass (Reposting them to this community + the 4 icon battle icons. YES AILE, FOUR BECAUSE I DECIDED TO NOT POST THE OTHER ONE. PERIOD.)
[04] Vampire Knight (Reposting them to this community though, they're nothing new.)
[02] Shugo Chara
[05] Galaxy Angel* (These are the icon battle icons for my icon battle with Aile. XP)

Total Of: 64 Icons!


teaser teaser teaser teaser

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21 March 2009 @ 10:48 am

This is another repost, it's my first tutorial ever, but it's my second repost. LOL. It was originally posted in teh_candycane, the collab journal of mine and deknighted.

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21 March 2009 @ 10:20 am

This is a repost of my tutorial which was originally posted in the joint graphics comm of deknighted and me. I am such a low person, I moved journals again from chivalrous_vamp to lolicount, so yeah, excuse the banner. LOL.

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